My Husband

His curls are starting to show as it’s been a while since his last hair cut. The creases between his eyes smooth as his face changes from a look of concentration to one of contentment and his smile lights up their blueness from the inside.

He absentmindedly smooths down his full beard and I note that there are more freckles on his hand than the last time I really observed this motion of his. His glasses sit beside him on the side table as he reads, because really – he doesn’t need them for seeing up close yet. Just the faraway things. (Shhh. Let him believe this…at least until his birthday in April.)

He reaches out to get his cup without lifting his eyes from the page, and steam rises up into his face as he gently blows into it. Even as he sips his warm tea, his eyes glance over the rim and soak in the words that create whatever world he’s currently visiting.

He is my favorite person. He has been for quite some time now. But I’ve found that my favorite times with him aren’t the grand adventures that we have. They aren’t expensive gifts or well-planned romantic gestures. No…the best times with him are in these quiet moments when he doesn’t even realize I’m enjoying his presence.

Happy 9th Anniversary, my love.