Peace and Quiet

I’ve recently decided to deactivate my Facebook account in order to calm some of the chaotic background noise that it seems to add to my life. Friends are a wonderful thing, and I’ve made many lasting connections with others through Facebook! But I can no longer stand the levels of negativity, falseness, and self-centered attitudes it fosters.

I do, however, want to maintain those connections which were uplifting and healthy. I realize that many of them are with others who live all over the world and meeting up for a chat over tea is pert-near impossible. Thus! I have created this lovely little corner in the realm of the internet and set up shop. It’s my very own tea room of sorts, where you may join me, should you so desire.

Sooo, whether you are family wishing to see photos of the boys and keep up with their latest antics, friends wanting to take a moment to browse the latest Biter news, or the merely curious who have no idea who I am and what I’m about – but suddenly want to find out more…

Welcome!! Let us begin a most wonderful journey together! May we take a time-out from the chaos,┬áconnect more deeply, and heal through relationship – regardless of the distance that seems to be between us.