Tha Hubs

This dashingly handsome fellow is the man that I have the pleasure of walking with on this journey through life, from now until the end. (May the end stay far, far away!) Sure, other people will walk beside us for a while along the way, but I get to hold his hand! 😍

On the day we said, “I do,” he became a father as well as a husband, and has been a faithful provider in both roles. He works hard, and often, but is sure to make time for 1st grade homework, “superman baby” flying lessons, and movie-nights with his wife, aka “Me!” He remembers that dishes are my least favorite thing on the planet, quite possibly the worst thing ever! – and does them for me. He deals with the ugliest sides of humanity on a daily basis, but never makes light of the seemingly trivial issues I face during the day as a homemaker. (Snotty noses, temper tantrums, and poopy diaper explosions, for instance. Never pleasant, but not the worst thing ever. ^See above statement. Yep, that’s how much I hate dishes!) Tha Hubs enjoys video games, all things gun/knife related, and showers that are hot enough to melt your skin off. In our lives, he is the perfect example of gentle strength and somehow knows how to make everything better just by being there.

He’s an amazing dad and the best husband in the history of ever, and I would have sank some time ago into very dark waters if it weren’t for him loving me. God has given me the best partner for this life – a man who accepts me as I am, challenges me to be the best I can be, and never, ever quits.