The Wife

Here we have the blue-eyed beauty that is Tha Hubs’ wife! (Me, of course.) He’s quite a lucky man, if I may say so. 😘

Currently unemployed, I am attempting to be the creator of a calm and peaceful space in which my growing family can thrive. I believe the “they’s” of this world have dubbed this endeavor Homemaking, and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it! (It’s been quite an adjustment for me; the chaotic world of public safety and 911 dispatching left me ill-prepared for days without adrenaline dumps every thirty minutes or so and such long periods alone in my own company. Well. Besides now having a newborn.)

As a night owl (0700 has been closer to my bedtime than my morning alarm for several years now…) with a four-month-old whose schedule is still being adjusted to one resembling that of a normal day person, I struggle to wake up early so that I can help Lil Man focus on getting ready and to school on time. I have learned to enjoy the “quiet and alone” moments that have become increasingly fewer, as those with small children can imagine.

I’ve discovered that I am a more-than-decent cook, laundry isn’t of the devil, and coffee is still my friend. Reading and writing are among my favorite things, but that darn arithmetic is for the birds! My painting supplies are slowly being replenished, along with my passionate and carefree heart, my house is becoming a home, and my guys are so very dear to me. God has shown me much about myself during these months of uncertainty, and my weaknesses are becoming a reflection of His perfect strength.

At the end of the day, I am content to be where I am and look forward to all the adventures in store for our family as the boys grow and prosper. (May they live long!)

And who knows? Maybe I’ll get the hang of all that math stuff…